Teaching Positive Thinking

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This video will inspire positive thinking and drive away any kind of bad mood.
T think Im gonna try to do the same exact thing. Stand on my bathroom counter and do positive affirmations just like her.
by Heather Kilpatrick on Nov 12, 2012
That was...so wonderful. Thank you for capturing that "magical" childhood momement and sharing that with all of us! <3
by ron lamar on Nov 11, 2012
ohhh that is so cute and funny! I love it...
by eyecatcher2011RL on Nov 01, 2012
That was great :) I love seeing kids like her :)
by Nicky Rodrigues on Oct 22, 2012
lol he is funny
by 19SuperGirl87 on Oct 14, 2012
was thinking the same thing. she is just a child though. and she's obviously influenced by societies idiotic mind set of being better than others. She still likes everything which means she is full of love which is a good thing : ) <3
by Tyrkul on Oct 03, 2012
Yep, that's her set for life then.
by Nibbler800 on Oct 02, 2012
This is a great way to think! This little girl has got it!
by positiveut on Sep 30, 2012
!!!! I like this video!!!!
by gallegoparraga on Sep 29, 2012
hahhaa lol me 2
by TheLaylaatje on Sep 25, 2012
SO cute! hee :)
by Hollie Liu on Sep 21, 2012
Fabulous actions and thoughts :) untill "Better than anyone". Better than anyone = putting oneself above others = comparing oneself with others who is better = not loving yourself as you are. We are all beautiful beings, there is no better than the other, we are all differen and yet samet, unique and special. I hope this wonderful child is growing up loving herself as she is and loves and accepts others as they are. Happy greetings!
by Dorsy18 on Sep 10, 2012
I like my house. I like my mom i like my dad. i like my friends. i like the weather i like the people around me i like my face i like my personality i like my specs frame. i like my shirt white and blue i like everything. i can do anything good, better than anyone.
by Kapil Hasija on Aug 02, 2012
children are so beautiful :')
by tgibbons on Jul 28, 2012
Love her!
by Jessica Hunter on May 03, 2012
I Like You 2 Little One....This Is So Nice...Stayin' +VE
by lak212091 on May 03, 2012
I love that little *clap* she makes me happy!~
by Angela Cook on Apr 25, 2012
This is the greatest video, I've seen in a while!!!
by Titus0215 on Apr 08, 2012
Go girl!!! 
by plj546 on Apr 06, 2012
I love it! She made my day. :)
by marucha72 on Apr 05, 2012
This needs to go viral! I love it!
by TheAnuchild on Mar 16, 2012
Amazing kid
by Rockguy29 on Mar 14, 2012
So cute and positive innocence
by Rockguy29 on Mar 14, 2012
That is truly one talented kid.  Bravo!!!!
by speedlearner on Mar 05, 2012
 Yeahhh ... I think so to hahaha
by eliinbeth on Feb 29, 2012