Real Estate Agent:

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Have you noticed that interviewing some real estate agents is like talking to an iphone customer?
haha! well done!
by Scott Hammond on Oct 01, 2012
Ha ha Lol so funny... but it's a bit closer to parodied reality... "I am a top producer. Have you seen my billboard" ha ha ha ha...
by real005estates on Aug 30, 2012
@phijyfj I've hit about 600 pips a week and climbing. You just need a better system. This one will turn things around. Watch this video -->
by namood3 on Jul 15, 2012
thats why i hate RE man..stupidest career choice that billboard caught the att of all the inmates in jail who called wantjng to buy house..thank yhe RR atty paid gor it..
by Twelvetwentytwo Ten on Jun 14, 2012
Hi, is there a way I can save this video? I would love to use it to show some clients. Thanks in advance!
by kodabel1982 on Mar 30, 2012
lol great!
by SellMeLies on Feb 22, 2012
I love these videos that sound robotic and poke fun at different topics. This is a great video that shows how some people just don't listen. "I don't care....I don't care"...hahaha
by GuiaDInmuebles on Nov 03, 2011
Great video. you forgot "I am a CDPE, ABR, GRS, CDPE, and don't forget the top producer from 2004!" The sooner real estate agents learn that real estate sales is more about the consumer and less about them, the better off the industry will be. And NO, I am not a real estate agent. Would have been a nice touch of you added the whole "I am a REALTOR which means I have a strict code of conduct I must follow blah blah blah" Great video - I hope real estate agents are watching...
by Stephen Garner on Sep 15, 2011
Great Video. It hits the nail on the head for the way some agents market themselves in todays market.
by Edward Pichette on Dec 10, 2010
too funny. I am a realtor and some agents who have been in the industry forever are totally like this! no tech knowledge at all! just put it on the Listing Service, Lock Box and that's all folks!
by genevievehill on Dec 08, 2010
by SilverHouseHD on Dec 04, 2010
I love it. lol
by Ed Barski on Dec 01, 2010
It's his stunt double :)
by Joe Manausa on Oct 21, 2010
Is that Larry King?
by djsmps on Oct 20, 2010