Cool Aircraft Instructions

Air New Zealand partnered with WETA Workshop on a brand new Hobbit inspired flight Safety Video.

Monica & Rachel taking their apartment back (Funny clip!) :D

postergirl22 posted this comment on one of my videos with FRIENDS: "... do you have the scene where

World funny army video!!!

World funny army video!!! this people make people laugh until die :)

Avatar School Time Shipping

This is a very funny avatar video. I didn't make this video myself.

Lady Gaga - Best Funny Moments

This is such a good video of you and its funny, your so great. :)

learn grammer inside prison

very funny and clever "Good morning grammar guys and gals. Give this a listen "

"blondy dude" is funny and always

A short suspense thriller exploring the evils of ordering one's food incorrectly.

Dance for refugees 2012

What do dancing, refugees and Easter Island have in common? Jana! This year, I will put on my

Yesung's crazy laugh

ahaha :D very very funny :D oppa so cute :-* RT yesung laughing! kkk~ very funny! …