Wow! Kid Catches Big Fish With Bare Hands

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watch how girl under age catch very big fish without using any tool, she just using her bare hand
Nice Carp :D 
by QmannRock on Aug 26, 2012
andddddddddd hit the weird part of youtube
by trmur08 on Aug 19, 2012
the fish was most likely to be dead to be caught like that
by TheRedwolf190 on Aug 01, 2012
ik her dad (larry)
by annmariee dentedt on Jun 22, 2012
chuck norris doughter...or fake...i dont know !!!!
by arvasiac on Jun 07, 2012
i need the pleasure of catching a fish that friggen big!!!!!! ........dang
by Jacob Wilson on May 26, 2012
I'm calling fake
by Bolensgoldrush on May 02, 2012
by Nkaujnoob07 on Apr 08, 2012
Mack3gd i wonder why why u want that? Maybe cuz ur a loser and cant catch with even a rod??
by honda2004100 on Jan 14, 2012
by brian m on Dec 27, 2011
by em84009 on Dec 01, 2011
it will be nice if Europeans =White people, would go back to Europe to catch fish and hopefully stay there and never comeback....
by mack3dg on Nov 18, 2011
"can i keep it?"
by echo1er on Oct 07, 2011
she's a thug.
by eritreantigaraly on Sep 26, 2011
just think what she could do with a pole. daddy, give her a tackle box and pole this christmas!
by xylsplat on Sep 21, 2011
by azezalo1 on Sep 09, 2011
by CestLaVieBerlin on Sep 05, 2011
moomy look what i found
by Paul Gillen on Sep 03, 2011
i m freaking 
by gtkimi10 on Aug 13, 2011
what a f**k ? that war realy cool congratulations
by gtkimi10 on Aug 13, 2011
by Joelsajan43 on Aug 03, 2011
OMG how is that possible :O
by xxitookyourcookiexx on Jul 28, 2011
by lobsterstr on Jul 24, 2011