The message from little girl

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Watch this if you need helps.. Watch this if you need spirit.. watch this if you want become success.. watch this if you not sure for what are doing now.. watch this if someone fired you.. watch this if someone say you are useless..
Shes se adorable..most amazing you tube video ever
by janry arenas on Jul 23, 2013
I am in LOVE with her! I was sitting here depressed & Ryan made me smile! An angel indeed!
by Swaggin4Christ1 on Jul 23, 2013
by Steffy270906 on Jul 23, 2013
I'd like to use her vocals and video here creatively in a project I'm working on if that's okay with you. I promise that I wouldn't be doing it for profit. I'm doing it for the sake of love. This is always my motivation these days.
by Love Project on Jul 23, 2013
She's so precious. Thank you for sharing this radiant little girl with the world. She is a gift to humanity. I feel so blessed to have discovered her through FILM RIOT! You've helped inspire me to make the world a better place by creating The Love Project for the sake of children such as your lovely daughter, and all of our children. I know you're continually inspiring many others by sharing this wonderful video and that's what life really is all about! Blessings to you and your family always.
by Love Project on Jul 23, 2013
Somebody shared this video in Facebook and I stumbled upon it and indeed, it's sooo motivational and now some earworms are singin' this song in my ears all day long. Thank u so much for upldaing!
by Zaza Hj Zulkifle on Jul 23, 2013
aDORable. <3 a bit dificult to keep on watching though :/
by kenogihebe on Jul 22, 2013
God blessed her
by ssayomo on Jul 22, 2013
she is so sweet and the best is her eyes and the way she moves her head..
by Garry Rawat on Jul 22, 2013
I saw this video on my profile and I click it to i click it) I can't believe that is the cutest girl I've ever seen..true. "Don't stop Don't give up"cutest word I here from such a cute liitle girl..awesome.
by Luisa Marie Mayor on Jul 22, 2013
she's so adorable... i think im gonna die!
by Nico Caloning on Jul 22, 2013
Too cute! Wonderful video! Thank you.
by MrSupertwo on Jul 22, 2013
This made my day! Thank you! A long and happy life!
by bourbonbigshot on Jul 22, 2013
I go to pulmonary therapy three days a week and sometimes the hardest part is just getting in the car to go. Thanks to you I won't give up. My life literally depends on not giving up
by Don Simms on Jul 22, 2013
can you post a recent video of her please
by ABRAHAM4EVER on Jul 22, 2013
how old is she now ?? and how does she look like now, does she know how famous she is and how she has brought smiles onto peoples faces??
by ABRAHAM4EVER on Jul 22, 2013
Dafuq did i just watch
by 08awesomeguy08 on Jul 21, 2013
This is fantastic and I will listen to it as a motivational piece! Your daughter is adorable- and is sooooo convincing! LOL :-)
by Robin Rotfleisch on Jul 21, 2013
Adorable! She's so cute!❤
by Maria Helen on Jul 21, 2013
OMG!! She's great :)
by mkintanamk on Jul 21, 2013
Please please link her to ellen... I cant coz im an asian... shes so cute....!!!!!!!! Keep trying...... is my most fav part. More vids of her please.
by pomrukhun on Jul 21, 2013
Love love love this! 
by TheCleanseCoach on Jul 20, 2013
I love how she shakes her head 'no' when saying don't stop don't give up, and then automatically switches it for the more positive messages.
by Golioth78 on Jul 20, 2013
by thisisntfunnyshop on Jul 20, 2013