Do you smoke?

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the funniest shit i haveve witnessed in years!!! if you dont laugh at this than you gotta slap your self. and for all those tree huggers out there get off it its a prank wether she was hot or if she was ugly it would have been done either way so stop saying...."what if it was your mom or sister" well it wasnt so there
shes hot, 9/10 would bang
by IdeolGreen on Mar 21, 2013
Jus because she's Good Lookin makes it 10X Funnier xD #Genius
by StoopidGang Mercer on Mar 20, 2013
unless you're from Russia...
by Brandon Garay on Mar 20, 2013
Roll that coal!!!!!!
by TheJukejuke on Mar 20, 2013
whooh.. that... that was mean...
by voltex12345 on Mar 20, 2013
by Luis Mendoza on Mar 18, 2013
clearly "not from english" YOU IDIOT
by rumpastumpa on Mar 17, 2013
by Utopian Lobotomy on Mar 17, 2013
by Swamp Ape on Mar 16, 2013
by Sergio Inzunza on Mar 15, 2013
because she is an idiot
by TheNerdsFromHell on Mar 15, 2013
what kind of man, do it with a beaty Woman ?
by Paiva junior on Mar 14, 2013
nah just joking. CHINK POWER!
by BalverineWoW on Mar 14, 2013
by BalverineWoW on Mar 14, 2013
bunch of wankers
by falloutrangerlol on Mar 14, 2013