Nice job guy beat that rich bastard who think they own everything

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Singapore Fight - Nice job guy beat that rich bastard who think they own everything Ferrari almost hit a couple crossing the road then the driver shouted at the couple. Of course, the bf not happy la..driver almost hit them then can shout some more so he shout back, driver not happy step out to fight. the girlfriend tried to pull bf away from fight..but..well..this video shows the rest la..others came to defend the couple and hit the driver..came out straits times before
Alim zack true true
by taktakot on Mar 21, 2013
James bond kuniang
by taktakot on Mar 21, 2013
by kcazzzzz on Mar 21, 2013
If i were there see the bunch of malay guys....i would shake their hands...RESPECT!!...will buy all of them dinner and drinks....its because of brave malay guys like this that keeps the chinese inline and make them think twice abt trying to bully the minority races in singapore
by ironsheikh17 on Mar 21, 2013
They should have whack the other guy too and smashed his ferrari....typical rich chinese man...lots of rich singaporean chinese r like this...seen it once too many times.....
by ironsheikh17 on Mar 21, 2013
u think u got ferrari..u rich u can do everything u want? the driver have to deserved it...the lesson is U RESPECT PEOPLE..THE PEOPLE WILL RESPECT YOU BACK
by yzv8 on Mar 21, 2013
Even a single mighty lion will die if outnumbered. Crazy!!
by Faizal Ghazali on Mar 21, 2013
The malays look like 15 years old kids beating 45 years old adult
by john doe on Mar 20, 2013
This one ur car? Ferrari?! Lanchao ah ferrari! hahaha. Stupidddds.
by llipop155 on Mar 20, 2013
Kennizer88...what for to scare??i stand up for my malay....maybe what they did is wrong but i believe that driver deserved this.....what if i drive nearly knock you than i shout at you how you react...i dont care where i step even in chinatown or geylang...try me
by taktakot on Mar 20, 2013
Singa is an Indian word. Sanskrit.
by switchbladefights82 on Mar 20, 2013
its between the driver n couple. relax uh wei no nid vent anger or feeling in here, youtube innocent *wink
by Zul Wahab on Mar 20, 2013
James bond...i guess u the want no ball
by taktakot on Mar 20, 2013
I'm chinese and I think that chinese guy deserved the beating. Plus, he started punching first. Malay 1 - 0 Chinese.
by banwashere on Mar 20, 2013
why show OLD video ???
by K L on Mar 20, 2013
Malay coward to 1 v 1
by james bond on Mar 19, 2013
Haiya..No point lah you all debate which race got more balls. In the end when see Police car,Malay,Chinese or Indian all ball shrink run away like as if Police cannot catch you only. Even the most angkongsiao gangster you see around you oso once saw Police car all ball shrink.
by Armando93Mendez on Mar 18, 2013
Dude,if u looks closely at the video,majority of bystanders were chinese....
by BadassVideoReviews on Mar 18, 2013
Like I said, If there were more Chinese standing there, would the Malays even stand up to talk? Let alone to fight. Try doing that at Chinatown or Geylang.
by Kennizer88 on Mar 17, 2013