Ride A Bike 350 km/h

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See how fast this man can ride a bike. can you beat him? if yes i will post your video :)
Mf,please.....ghost rider would leave u behind in a sec.
by 161trx on Mar 17, 2013
At first i thought your camera was at a bad angle, then it clicked, bloody long wheelie!! Your crazy. ;P
by SuperColouredPencil on Feb 07, 2013
by CyberKatt on Jan 20, 2013
Sweet ....enjoyed the video
by MrRocko3927 on Dec 30, 2012
at the begining i was like...Cool the sky awesome video then he pulled down i was like "WTF was that dude doing a wheely!?" awesome :)
by Aaron Parangi on Dec 29, 2012
omg ... i love it ..i actually got scared when you came close to the cars :(....i soooo want to do this !!!!!! plz find me on fb :).......
by C. Parker on Dec 09, 2012
that was filmed in slovenia on the highway from ljubljana to kranj, not on the german autobahn and the max. speed limit in slovenia is 130 km/h ;)
by exccc on Nov 15, 2012
you risk for your life man !!!!! but i loved it !!!!
by katifour1993 on Nov 15, 2012
one rock on the asphalt and he's dead
by lobelia2 on Nov 06, 2012
for a minute there i thought he lifted up and was flying
by defiantprogram on Nov 02, 2012
you couldnt pay me enough .....
by alihadi11 on Oct 14, 2012
Need for speed
by GrayEagle48 on Aug 16, 2012
That would be my guess
by theshroudedpellet on Jul 28, 2012
Why do the electronic speedos always cap at 299? To put people off trying to get the highest possible speed over 299?
by mobytoss on Jul 25, 2012
i think the speed isnt true. hes driving 250 on the roght side of cars and they need a lot of time to get behind him... thats unnormal
by feelfresh77 on Jul 14, 2012
by Sarath Vavachan on Jun 27, 2012
whoever is riding that bike has alot of guts insane ride 
by nate dawg on Jun 23, 2012
Biker or Hairdresser. Your Choice.
by bob bush on Jun 19, 2012
yeah good bye ill piss on your bones
by LOPEZdJUNGLIST on Jun 18, 2012
by youlovelittleboys on Jun 09, 2012
for those that don't feel like looking it up, 280km/h is equal to 173+ mph...and he was doing over 280km/h
by craigor88 on Jun 04, 2012