What do you feel if you lose $800,000 for correct answered?

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According to multiple sources (examples linked below), Post-it Notes were test-marketed in four cities in 1977, with the national roll-out following in 1980. Apart from the technicality that the product originally was sold under the name "Press & Peel" (which would be a stretch even if the category were "brands" instead of "inventions"), "C" was the correct answer. Therefore, the contestants should have lost only $80,000 (not $800,000) on the question.
I cringed when the post-it note money got dropped. DX
by AngelFallenXx on Jan 27, 2013
They started selling on April 6 1980. Sony Walkman July 7 1979. And Macintosh in janurary 1984. So it was the Walkman.
by Amalexmartinez0 on Jan 27, 2013
wasnt theirs but they got an extra 80,000
by HaloGzilla on Jan 26, 2013
did they get the money back?
by bonndesson on Jan 26, 2013
Got to love black women, "yea yea yea"
by Tj Thomas on Jan 25, 2013
not really, an economy is designed to control personal gains and distribute an individual's gains through taxes, fees, etc. for "as they say" the greater good... you wanna get "rich", from "hard work" then move out of this country.
by MrMichaelkiel on Jan 25, 2013
From what I remember Post-Its were made because they were trying to make glue at first, but something went wrong with the formula, creating very weak glue. It can make things stick to surfaces BUT, they were very easy to peel off. SO, the people who made this glue, decided to apply it to a paper, write notes and place them on surfaces (just like how Post-Its do). Then they started to sell that stuff :P
by HOLYDSFA on Jan 25, 2013
Oh, 80,000$, woe is you.
by BonkAtomic on Jan 25, 2013
Diversification, yep. Never hedge an all-in bet unless you're 99.999% (literally, like, without a shadow of a doubt) sure. Even if they won the 800k, they'd probably spend it all in a couple years. Happens all the time with lotto winners. It's all about consistent and stable gains.
by manictiger on Jan 24, 2013
The category, again, as I said in my previous post, was inventions. Not brands.
by AnalyZedTruth on Jan 24, 2013
In the UK a question about doctor who where the show had unfairly expelled 2 contestants alot of people wrote in and they got another chance at it from where they left off with the same money and all that. So if your in america just let the show know...
by AkbarGul on Jan 24, 2013
If I was him I´d kill myself,If I was her I´d kill him.
by MovieYourAss on Jan 24, 2013
While you have a good point it was only on April 6, 1980, the product debuted in US stores as "Post-It Notes". It is just a trick question designed to make people lose money. 
by agenecrobiosis on Jan 23, 2013
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by crashmonky on Jan 23, 2013
no but they were given another chance to come onto the show
by HerroDawg270 on Jan 23, 2013
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