Kids playing with cobra

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Children in snake catchers families in Srikakulam district of Andhrapradesh play with dangerous snakes. These people are very poor to purchase toys, so that they give snakes as toys to their children to play.
What is so funny?
by SwedishSausageCream on Apr 16, 2012
by ultimateninjamastah on Apr 16, 2012
ohh kool.. 
by mohit2bali on Apr 16, 2012
ohh kool hah. just worrying for the dude who still thinks that the snake probably knows its a kid so they dont bite .. haha..
by mohit2bali on Apr 16, 2012
Oh, no, the problem is that I don´t like babies that age, no matter the race.
by ptrck99 on Apr 16, 2012
by mohit2bali on Apr 16, 2012
by mohit2bali on Apr 16, 2012
by mohit2bali on Apr 16, 2012
india isnt afraid of snakes moron thats why
by sonichero1211 on Apr 16, 2012
there are going to die some day
by Damian Schulz on Apr 15, 2012
احلى شي الدق
by naeooof1 on Apr 15, 2012
So many idiots... let me explain this for the last time. The snakes are de-fanged, this means they are harmless. The parents are showing these babies that snakes are not always "bad" and "scary". Finally the snakes are probably less dangerous than a fly, so please stop wasting your time putting ignorant and un-educated comments on these types of video.
by SkairimIzWin on Apr 15, 2012
' OMGEEEEEE... Wat's the matter w!th ppl??? who would get dwn there and play w!th a snake?? ! No the!r grown buts wouldnt so why would they put the!r ch!ldren dwn there they need to be reported or someth!ng..._~
by K3RA23 on Apr 14, 2012
oh god o__o
by SweethellokittyGrr on Apr 14, 2012
what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!
by TheSoccoro on Apr 14, 2012
Fangs removed
by paulydinkins on Apr 14, 2012
eeeiiiwww this is sooo disgusting.. :'(
by Raquel Jereos on Apr 10, 2012
That's safe
by 789Erim56 on Apr 06, 2012
This is sick!
by MaddeSwe on Apr 06, 2012
The snake isn't strong enough to harm the eye. Its suppose to be fatally venomous, not fatal piercing spear of doom
by MrEntinen on Apr 06, 2012
those are venomous snake, they don't know how to (intentionally) wrap themselves tightly enough to be even near fatal. My chihuahua is more dangerous than those poor snakes
by MrEntinen on Apr 06, 2012
well the snakes cant bite but they can wrap themselves tightly around the babies :)
by 90abcde6 on Apr 05, 2012
tui ten Nguyen ai co the day tieng anh cho tui thi gui? tra loi nha!
by SuperNguyenoanh on Apr 04, 2012