Remove Waste Food While Eating Buffets

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you order to much food in buffets and then feel full while eating buffets? and there is charge of each wasted food? Mr bean is teaching us how to solve this problem :)
It's okay. It's just that there are two characters in that series called The Boss witch is a woman and Big Boss witch is a man. When that other dude said that Bean was the boss, I couldn't resist pointing that out. Sorry.
by heavygamer93 on Sep 05, 2012
Aha.. xD ^^ I'm sorry bro but i don't even play Metal gear.
by TheDontaDella on Sep 05, 2012
I was thinking about metal gear.
by heavygamer93 on Sep 04, 2012
The boss is definitely not a Woman :D
by TheDontaDella on Sep 04, 2012
Like a B0:55
by Timmy91306 on Aug 11, 2012
1:08 Fire from the book
by iHazardouz on Aug 10, 2012
He's really creepy.
by Yellow4494 on Aug 04, 2012
by rhys debono on Jul 31, 2012
the boss is a woman, i think you mean big boss.
by heavygamer93 on Jul 25, 2012
by Neosilver17 on Jul 24, 2012
See the face of BEAN at 2:47 
by Youssef Boudjaj on Jul 11, 2012
No no no no no, i'm driving xDD
by llxFALLENxll on Jul 04, 2012
by Saq Baghramic on Jul 02, 2012
I love the part where he spits the steak in to the violine players pants !! LMFAO
by spider12359 on Jun 30, 2012
by bequi pinoth on Jun 28, 2012
The birthday card should have been one of those with the sound chip!
by imwithbf2 on Jun 27, 2012
by MrTH8H07 on Jun 25, 2012
why mr bean throwing the towel to the women at: 3:49
by PYROYORKDRAGON on Jun 16, 2012
why mr bean throwing the towel to the women at: 3:48
by PYROYORKDRAGON on Jun 16, 2012
Nonononon, Im draiving very funy :)
by Citynomad25 on Jun 14, 2012
So, Mr. Bean drinks wine.
by barrydanial on Jun 13, 2012
Rowan Atkinson is a genius.
by Максим Волошенко on Jun 08, 2012
by alasrurah21 on May 28, 2012