Frustrated kid playing mario bros

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This Angry German Kid is playing Super Mario Bros, even level one he cant go thru, because he keep angry.

Clam down dude, take your medication man? or every day for a decade and calm down dude you are giving a head ache at all that times

Dont be that kid :)
You do know that its not LHBmegachan,and that he was playing Unreal Tournament and was just acting?
by deividas56 on Apr 08, 2011
This thing has a name: ear-rape.
by OlpusBonzo on Mar 17, 2010
by mirkosteiner on Aug 05, 2009
go up just a little bit b4 that.
by DinoGuts on Jun 24, 2009
because you understood what ( straight like a circle means ) so you came here to tell me that you finally understood it -.-
by pheonixmon1 on Jun 24, 2009
why do you think i replied to u in the 1st place?
by DinoGuts on Jun 24, 2009
he closed his account and u were the 1 who insulted him in the first place by saying the vid was fake. and im not the 1 who got thumbed down 6 times.
by DinoGuts on Jun 23, 2009
will you shut up you filled this video with bullcrap ! im sorry LHBmegachan for replying to this idiot
by pheonixmon1 on Jun 23, 2009
nope im still ready u just said u did 23 hours ago though
by DinoGuts on Jun 22, 2009
more like you do
by pheonixmon1 on Jun 22, 2009
finally u give up
by DinoGuts on Jun 21, 2009
my name isnt matthew , try again ! im not a pokemon fan anymore i was a pokemon fan but i stopped when i realised how stupid it is , your replies are very DISPOINTING (disapointing) im starting to get bored
by pheonixmon1 on Jun 21, 2009
let me guess, ur name is mathew 2 since u turned out to be a pokemon fan like u accused me of doing. im disipointed in u mathew. very very disipointed in u. and im sure ur father would be 2
by DinoGuts on Jun 21, 2009
or maybe its because i have a lfie and i dont go on youtube all the time!
by DinoGuts on Jun 20, 2009
no im not but you must be a pokemon fan!
by pheonixmon1 on Jun 13, 2009
no im not but u must be a runescape player!
by DinoGuts on Jun 13, 2009
my brother used to do that when he played smb. but not on level 1. wtf is wrong with you.
by reignfire77 on Jun 12, 2009
omg it took you 2 monthes to get that ..... you must be a WoW player !
by pheonixmon1 on Jun 11, 2009