Friends Making Joke Each Others

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the 3rd one was the funniest hahahhahahah
by Nooreen Kaur on Sep 13, 2012
i was worried there'd be a ghost face at the end of this video hahaha.
by blacktoast94 on Sep 13, 2012
0:50 dude !
by WhiteNowa1 on Sep 13, 2012
Troll Face
by matthewjordan21 on Sep 13, 2012
hi watch my channel if u like funny sick videos
by M1dgetSh1t on Sep 13, 2012
by TheMinecraftDude M on Sep 13, 2012
the last one vomits after being scared
by Leeanmarjon on Sep 13, 2012
bro that dude straight single punched a screen? with piss in pants
by MrArmored91 on Sep 13, 2012
by gizme123 on Sep 13, 2012
0:54 BroFirst
by joo0kim on Sep 13, 2012
by taxiarxis stagias on Sep 13, 2012
Hi I like this video. Can I use it to play at my small haunt? if so share with me so I can open it. If not Thats cool to. Thanks and great video, brad
by bradsboobarn on Sep 13, 2012
by banndari on Sep 13, 2012
the third one is from SNL but its still funny
by Benrad524 on Sep 13, 2012
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by edward64572 on Sep 13, 2012
I like 2 scare people but i can't cause i don't want any1 2 have a heart attack because of me :p
by TOMA CATY on Sep 13, 2012
Isn't the third one from SNL?
by matthew capilla on Sep 13, 2012
by TOMA CATY on Sep 13, 2012
its not real come on, its a clip for sturday night live, you can even hear the laughter form the audience....
by 316hotmail on Sep 13, 2012
scream and beat him with a towel. yeah thats effective
by taylorkatherine69 on Sep 13, 2012
no the third one was a saturday night live skit i think
by dm3150006 on Sep 13, 2012
That was hilarious I liked it when the dude punched that computer I would have to if I never played that game but I have. ;)
by deathbear695 on Sep 13, 2012