Batman Takes A Nap On The Moscow Subway

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This man is funny, wearing batman custom, then sleeping in subway, he act like a bat.
потому что я бэтмен))
by Мадияр Амирханов on Aug 23, 2012
костюм ваще голимый
by Soul051990 on Oct 19, 2011
висит блин) кеду прикольные)
by MegaChaynik on Sep 07, 2011
Девушке на 00:59 секунде уже похуй на бэтмана)
by KOstiliys1 on Sep 07, 2011
no reality. so company.
by mecchafactory on Sep 04, 2011
by GIMLER666 on Sep 02, 2011
so, planking, owling and now... batting?
by geocioncan on Aug 28, 2011
Я тоже его видела!
by MsAnna509 on Aug 20, 2011
У него БЭТ-мобиль сломался
by MikolaBLR on Aug 19, 2011
in soviet russia subway rides you! srry had to do it :P
by Tainted107 on Aug 18, 2011
What?... I drove the Batmobile into Croc.
by Anthony Taylor on Aug 18, 2011
In soviet russia, batman is in deed a bat!
by ederondotcom on Aug 18, 2011
@SEGnosis: But Chinese is more perspective, isn't it?
by shatoff on Aug 18, 2011
@madmarine2010: Dad, you just don't understand... just don't understand. And neither I nor Google can translate it to English coz it refer to famos language based mem. Sorry about that, dad.
by shatoff on Aug 18, 2011
Meanwhile in Russia ^^
by SweNoXc on Aug 17, 2011
you don't need to know english or russian to get a kick out of a guy dressed like batman falling asleep on a subway.
by TheJessicaskywalker on Aug 16, 2011
by SEGnosis on Aug 16, 2011
смелый тип, респект!
by Syrotjak on Aug 16, 2011
Because BatTramp's the hero Moscow deserves, but not the one it needs right now
by 360ElGringo on Aug 16, 2011
Meanwhile, in Russia...
by MedianPenguin on Aug 16, 2011
Он Вышел На Моей Остановке Так Вот Куда Делся Дядя Игорь
by anivinio on Aug 14, 2011
Просто бэтмобиль в ремонте.
by ArKelly473 on Aug 14, 2011