Stop fire with blood

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this is funny and weird Japanese commercial, when they taking pee in the middle of no where, suddenly there is fire. they try to stop the fire, but cant, see how the can stop the fire with blood.
It's a shame because their commercial breaks are generally shorter
by yah304 on Sep 17, 2012
After ACTA, I doubt there still going to have commercials in Japan.
by matheussousuke on Sep 17, 2012
this guy sure knows how to bleed
by phyrexiandude on Sep 15, 2012
0:36 feel like Ten Shin Han
by ivesable on Sep 14, 2012
arrecho q no se muriera por desangrado ajaajaja
by ccesar567 on Sep 14, 2012
Would be funnier if it was a hot girl and this guy just nosebled to the moon.
by TheDamnedPanda on Sep 11, 2012
jaja i thought it was about not throwing cigarretes on streets or something like that, not a tea beverage xd.
by Brosoro Brosoro on Sep 10, 2012
Dafuq i did just watched
by smithree7733 on Sep 05, 2012
DAFUQ???!!?!?! XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Xil3ntCha0z on Sep 05, 2012
by LoveNiallerxo on Sep 04, 2012
hahahaha 0:35
by dpjokers on Sep 04, 2012
Now i wonder how the firemen extinguish the flames there in japan...
by h1s2b3m4 on Sep 04, 2012
Why do I always run into these kind of videos this time of night? 
by taydev2007 on Sep 03, 2012
Ehmmm... mmm... ok...
by Harbinger Akagi on Sep 03, 2012
Pee! Oh no, nothing's coming out!
by PikaMewPokeTrainer on Sep 02, 2012
by TheJps1997 on Sep 02, 2012
I'm.... i'm just gonna go to bed now......
by kylem1112 on Aug 30, 2012
or how about during the Superbowl
by momo1292 on Aug 29, 2012
by Outlawzand1 on Aug 25, 2012
have fun in your blood loss induced coma man!
by eastsideswanger on Aug 25, 2012
You've got red on ya
by dramspringfeald on Aug 21, 2012
by MrKeisukeKanda on Aug 18, 2012
AYE nastuu
by DarkArtz212 on Aug 18, 2012