Cat Reaction When See Mirrors

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Watch a cat reaction when watching himself for the first time on the mirrors. It will be asking, who is this, why so handsome :P
by KeyTuFreeDom on Jul 31, 2012
Why doesn't it got a tail? What happened?
by guschnurr on Jul 14, 2012
by ffcc55 on Jul 04, 2012
by lightless011003 on Jul 03, 2012
by lightless011003 on Jul 03, 2012
那是 醉拳 好嗎
by jinchu0825 on Jul 02, 2012
by Rex FU on Jul 02, 2012
Cat: What Kind Of Sorcery Is This? 
by MichaelNVEVO on Jun 30, 2012
0:22 best part :D
by mssteffix on Jun 14, 2012
poor cat:)..but it seems happy anyway
by JayZak on Jun 10, 2012
by Satelitko on Jun 07, 2012
what sort of tail doest it have?!
by JayZak on Jun 07, 2012
"dis guy iz copyin ma moves I'LL SHOW HIM"
by Kyris Xian'drii on Jun 04, 2012
I am the number 9 like :)
by rembo netherland on Jun 01, 2012
cool fight which one won?
by thesparewheel on May 31, 2012