The Real Super Fast Turtle

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believe it or not, The Real Super Fast Turtle is caught on the tape. you can see how fast it run into water.
Hell yea.. Thanks
by vidproject on Sep 17, 2012
I saw some turtle on the road it looked like the size of a sea turtle had the white neck and face and everything. But it wasn't a sea turtle as it was near a swamp and I live in an area where a sea turtle probably wouldn't survive.
by TheCajunGambit1 on Sep 17, 2012
0:14 its sunbathing like snakes and crocodiles because its cold blooded
by ulvebonden on Sep 16, 2012
This turtle is gonna give sonic a run for his money hahah!
by Morbidcrab on Sep 16, 2012
by Morbidcrab on Sep 16, 2012
not saved... can you help me?
by vidproject on Sep 15, 2012
I agree with you Jedisten, Just look at the VA... government ruin healthcare for veterans... 
by vidproject on Sep 15, 2012
This is how the tortos beat the hare
by ThatGuyHasNoName on Sep 15, 2012
Turtle: "You had better open up on the count of three, or we shall charge! One! Two!" Human throws a large object. Turtle: "RUN AWAY!!!"
by Treviabot92 on Sep 14, 2012
Softshell turtle btw are you saved?
by unstoppableify on Sep 14, 2012
Free forced healthcare. You have no choice in the matter. You have to pay and accept the healthcare, or accept a 15% or higher increased tax penalty for not doing so.
by Jedisten on Sep 12, 2012
Lol that was like watching a cartoon
by csmybuttt on Sep 12, 2012
Someone go back in time and tell Aesop that his moral was just given the middle finger.
by ProjectAngelLuna on Sep 11, 2012
I love how it tried to make it's move slowly as if to try to not be noticed, and then dart away as quickly as it could.
by rsuriyop on Sep 10, 2012
This was taken a few years ago in St Pete Florida where I used to live.
by vidproject on Sep 10, 2012
@vidproject a video on turtles and somehow you bring up Obama? But you're not a racist rite? It's just his policies you don't like? Free healthcare for all Americans? Perish the thought!!!
by nograviti on Sep 09, 2012
turtle: FREEDOM
by itstam619 on Sep 08, 2012
Hahah Thanks for the comment.. Thumbs Up
by vidproject on Sep 08, 2012
HAHAH Thumbs Up
by vidproject on Sep 08, 2012
by vidproject on Sep 08, 2012
Thanks for your comment
by vidproject on Sep 08, 2012