How to Suspend Water Without a Cup!

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An amusing trick you can perform with water! Show this video to your friends! I highly encourage you to try this trick yourself
so fake
by Lucas Chalk on Mar 21, 2013
by adha pujo on Mar 21, 2013
who you think you are?
by XavierBetoN on Mar 21, 2013
rather than water, i found out that it's easier to use wine to do this trick.
by peouquieu on Mar 21, 2013
Its fake bt i wish it was real
by isitdan1 on Mar 21, 2013
I done it
by eth7697 on Mar 21, 2013
by prn on Mar 21, 2013
nice trick, try to make it work with a cup and water only next time :)
by Grejegando on Mar 21, 2013
Is that in slow mo or no
by 11crazyroo on Mar 21, 2013
can i use beer for this?
by Mihajlo Ilic on Mar 21, 2013
by TheRatoPlays on Mar 21, 2013
US. But that still doesn't make a difference. You wrote "we're almost quits" ... What? "Oh accept for this comment so..." .... I believe you meant except. "Accept" means agree, consent, receive, etc. So, not only is your grammar in that entire comment horrid, you're mixing up homonyms making the statement less coherent.
by BTaylorU on Mar 21, 2013
Uk or US?
by ooglebydoogleby on Mar 21, 2013
It is not real haha ,, but nice joke
by scirocco15 on Mar 20, 2013
it is cool
by patrick cortis on Mar 20, 2013
I just liked the music 
by Fred Overbeek on Mar 20, 2013
i saw a website somebody that sells these units on twitter winningwaterunit
by infowarriorbro on Mar 20, 2013
by ListenMistuh on Mar 20, 2013
So NOT real
by marfamor on Mar 20, 2013
Hahahahahah when he fails
by gymnasticslovee11 on Mar 20, 2013
I don't have a slow motion camera.
by dandeentremont on Mar 20, 2013