Sitting on the air

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Magician Ramana uses indian magic tricks to perform in Leidseplein, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. See how he can floating on the air
Think about why is there a carpet under and could there possibly be a platform under his trousers and carpet that is connected with that "wood" stick...
by norkis2696 on Sep 29, 2012
rofl, nothing awesome about this, it's an illusion, he's sitting on a flat board which is supporting by that stick.
by r3dLands on Sep 29, 2012
อย่าไปเชื่อ มีที่นั่งอยู่เขาเอาผ้าปิดไว้
by ป๊อป ง๊าบป๋ม on Sep 29, 2012
Using the pole to hold him self up
by wwe619randomness1 on Sep 29, 2012
Watch This and you will know the trick. watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=etSivpBHUmE
by HRS030398 on Sep 29, 2012
push him off and you'd see a iron plate where he is sitting on
by utsie2 on Sep 29, 2012
he does not look indian
by dylan van elst on Sep 29, 2012
by TheMusixloverr on Sep 29, 2012
/watch?v=etSivpBHUmE&feature=related That's how lol
by BrutalBroski on Sep 29, 2012
Dude, he's fake, there's a little chair next that stick...
by xin chen on Sep 29, 2012
On the pole there's a part attached which you cant see, and the he sits on.
by BrutalBroski on Sep 29, 2012
CHAD KROEGER IS THAT YOU!??! nickelback in their spare time.
by mark swanson on Sep 29, 2012
yea. they pretty much revealed it
by joopoothegreat on Sep 29, 2012
what magic is Real? huh?
by TheStarlitedecay on Sep 29, 2012
sitting on a chair is pretty impressive to me
by jewbilee666 on Sep 29, 2012
Steel plate under the carpet. steel rod goes all the way up his clothes and under his butt so he can sit on it.
by tonycstech on Sep 29, 2012
Actually, he has no sleeves...nor does he have a rope. That's a bamboo staff. Read my comment.
by Kazyman on Sep 29, 2012 he's not. Read my comment. This is a super old illusion; prolly hundreds of years old. Kinda rinky-dink these days.
by Kazyman on Sep 29, 2012
It's not fake & it is at the same time. The so-called Wise Men from India started this illusion YEARS ago. Under that matt is a metal base & inside the staff he's "holding" is a connected metal pipe which is connected to yet another smaller pipe which goes into the side of his pants (hidden by his left hand) & attached to that is a flat seat which he merely sits on. Kinda corny trick these days, but what do you want for free, right?
by Kazyman on Sep 29, 2012
No, hes a real jedi.
by chaoswyvern17 on Sep 29, 2012
by deathpunisher1 on Sep 29, 2012