Amazing Crystal Performer

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Look at the ball, it like flying in the sky. this is new performer, there is not many people can do this. You never thought you? would ever enjoy seeing boy play with hes balls.
Super ,Super... PL
by Matrix2052 on Sep 13, 2012
this kid is rediculous ! AMAZING!
by Martin Yotov on Sep 12, 2012
His parents were reluctant to buy him the fushigi and theyre wondering why they didn't get it earlier
by tubarocksguy1111 on Sep 10, 2012
by anh ngok on Sep 10, 2012
Level: Super Sayan Asian
by kilcod1 on Sep 10, 2012
Smart skills: ASIAN
by Michael Mitamura on Sep 10, 2012
look at his finger looks like rubber;) Just amazing!!!!
by mr9fingerboard on Sep 09, 2012
I already answer.. check at the very first comments.
by overmindeticsilence on Sep 09, 2012
by overmindeticsilence on Sep 09, 2012
by mario51975 on Sep 08, 2012
or Contact Juggling i suk
by GEIxprogamer on Sep 08, 2012
i was never good with thous gravity balls :(
by GEIxprogamer on Sep 08, 2012
Playing with balls
by kevinkarashi on Sep 08, 2012
This guy is good with his hand
by Nekokokami on Sep 08, 2012
by iibKaradesh on Sep 07, 2012
by BXTITAN on Sep 07, 2012
one might say.... ~puts on sun glases~ He know how to handle balls YEAH!!!!!!
by fragman9000 on Sep 07, 2012
Laws of physics was asked to leave the building
by mathewhumvee on Sep 07, 2012
WTF awesome!!! 
by consolatatca on Sep 06, 2012
@rmsmxcj so right on that, this video kill me BTW i use this to get this in mp3 ->
by MrAnandbharati on Sep 05, 2012
by xXTheOnlyDompsXx on Sep 04, 2012